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We would like to welcome you all to East Terrace Club, a fan-centric brand dedicated to making unique football memorabilia and this is our story.

It was during the COVID-19 lockdown, when football was thwarted by a global pandemic, that we really began to realise just how much we, and the nation as a whole, love the beautiful game. The pure elation of a last-minute winner, the disappointment of a missed penalty, or that breath-taking first glimpse at your team’s latest kit are all feelings like no other. The game is far more than simply twenty-two players and leather ball; football has the power to bring people together. Football can even reach beyond the field of play itself, just look at the inspiring work that Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford achieved with his free school meal campaign recently. Football can bring change for the better. With a small team and one big idea, East Terrace Club was born.

Our name originated from a stand I spent the majority of my Saturday afternoons in while studying at secondary school. During Stevenage FC’s push for football league promotion they offered Under eighteens free tickets to pack out the stands and create some atmosphere; that’s exactly what my friends and I did. I have fond memories of walking down Broadhall Way gearing up for ninety minutes of scrappy non-league football or a tantalising FA Cup tie. I can safely say that their marketing plan got me hooked and I have been a supporter ever since – crazy what a freebie can do, ey!

Inspired by the terraces, for the fans.

We quickly began to notice just how accustomed football fans have become to the standard gift shop items and the same-style replica shirts year upon year; there had to be something different out there that would enable us to simultaneously show support and stand out from the crowd. The idea arose when another team I follow became embroiled in a legal war with a retail giant, it was here I noticed that there was a niche market for fan-inspired products. Given the recent excitement for vintage and up-cycled clothing, it was a no brainer for us that we wanted to fashion something to suit this avenue. Our big idea was to repurpose old football shirts into new customised keepsakes, offering hand-crafted products at no environmental cost.

From the beginning, our staple product has been the infamous bucket hat – a fun and recognisable accessory for all. We have satisfied a huge outreach of English fanbases including the London and Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Newcastle, Everton, Norwich and Ipswich as well as some of the European giants like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Benfica. We have even made sure you can fully support your national teams, chopping and changing German, English and Spanish kits into something truly special. Our brand is forever developing, with new ideas emerging such as travel kits, pin badges and an exciting new “Send in Your Shirt” prospect for those lovable shirts that no longer fit like they once did! During these complicated times, the team have devised a safe method for professionally handling your cherished collectables or your favourite strips before crafting them into a fresh and innovative new product. We want you to show-off these incredible shirts, not leave them gathering dust in a drawer or hidden away in a cupboard somewhere. Why neglect something that once gave you so much joy?

Kick-starting our project has been an enjoyable experience so far – it can be quite daunting getting to grips with creating a start-up business, especially one we know our customers feel so strongly about. Aside from the merchandise side of things, our other goal was to create a footballing community – a place where we can share content and interact with fans all over the world. The feedback we have received since launching in July has been unprecedented and getting involved with our friends at The Rondo is a perfect example of the footballing collaboration we are after. Long may it continue.

In the coming months, we will be embarking on some new projects, so please follow us on social media (Instagram and Twitter) and, of course, check out our “Club Hub” for competitions, fantasy football leagues and more. Should you have any requests or queries, please drop us a message – we would be happy to get in touch.

And finally, we’re offering 15% off all our online products for the loyal readers of The Rondo. So, pop “therondo” into the promotion code area at the checkout page to redeem your reward.

We hope to see you in the stands soon.

East Terrace Club

“Inspired by the terraces, for the fans.”

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